Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Me" " Me"

What is it about seeing ourselves that brings such pleasure to us?

Today I watched Caitlin our soon to be 2 granddaughter get so excited about seeing herself on a homemade photo card and it was pure delight to watch her expression and hear her sweet voice say "Me" "me" with all the wonder and amazement a 2 year old holds in their pure heart!
She wasn't the least bit impressed by the new outfit or the little dollar store purse but was in awe when she saw herself... last year's birthday photos on a piece of paper...so exciting!!!

I saw similar reactions in Kitale Africa when we would take pictures of the children and then show them their picture on the camera...BIG SMILES would break forth as they saw themselves in the camera display window and then giggly laughter would bubble up out of them..some of them i'm sure had never had the opportunity to look in a mirror nonetheless see a photo image!

I think that's how God designed it..to take joy in who we are..who He created us to be and often we lose sight of that as we grow up and begin to compare ourselves with others. Knowing that God made each one of us ..thought about us from the begininng of time (now that's a long time) created and made plans for each of our lives, without ever making a duplicate is something to marvel about don't you think..makes me want to go look in the mirror and get excited about what I see..how about you?..there's no one like YOU or ME..no not ONE and the Father says you are fearfully and wonderfully made..now that's something I find joy in.
Let's get excited about who we are ..perfectly made in every way...and enjoy each other and our uniqueness ..we are His plan and His plan is always the BEST!!!




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

there's greatness in each one of us because our Creator God is a great God and everything He creates is in His image. There's a knowing deep inside of us a longing to become great... we were made to become part of something larger than ourselves...something that requires abilities that we don't have in our strength and power. Often this desire leads to striving to become great ..through the accumulation of riches, through fame and success, through being the best at something..better than anyone else, competiton.
God placed greatness in you for one purpose..that we were to serve it, serve that which HE placed in each one of us..His Spirit..when He breathed life into us on the day we were born...His greatness keeps us alive..... and we are to serve others with that life. The greatness in you is His greatness and just as He came to this world as a servant ..through Christ..He calls each one of us to serve greatness like an amazing dinner..the meal is humility, grace and mercy and we are called to offer it to all He brings into our lives because that's what He offered us.
Remember His greatness brings lasting rewards and blessings beyond what this world can offer you . Fame is short-lived, riches can't be taken with you...the lasting fruit of greatness can be passed on from generation to generation..it's called love and it refreshes the soul and brings peace and joy and life whenever its given.
Where are you in your journey of greatness? What are you bringing to the table? Who are some of the people you know that you consider to be great?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

chocolate for Breakfast!

Just had the best smoothie..especially if you want chocolate for breakfast

1/4 - 1/3 c of coconut milk
4 oz (1/2 c) water
1 - 2tsp organic cocoa powder
1 banana
1 TBSP Almond butter
optional : cinnamon, nutmeg, something green..kale , spinach, barleylife mmmm
ice if you like it chilled

blend it all together and then
2 Servings of Whey Protein powder (WARRIOR MILK)get it at RHINO CHIROpractic
Just stir this in so the protein doesn't thicken and VOILA..
a healthy choice in a glass..enjoy!
Hey guys.... serve this up for your mom and dad for breakfast one morning..they will be impressed and it only takes a few minutes to prepare!!!
hugs from mama

back to what I love to do

I think its time to write again..my grandson Jesse said the other day..Hey Grandma it's been 2 years since you last posted something. Nothing like children to get you back on track..REALLY 2 YEARS??? REALLY my how time flies.
it's not that i don't have anything to say ..i'm always being distracted by the interruptions of everyday life..God help me to see what's important to you today and to express it whatever way you want me to.

Thanks Jesse..i love you and your heart..hope you enjoy some of these posts.

Oh Canada

Oh Canada where do you Stand?
The blessing was once upon your land
You stood for truth in years gone by
Why have you believed the lies?

Creeping, sneaking, prowling about
ravenous wolves devouring your offspring
catching you off guard!

is the cry we hear
a self-centered, self-willed child you've become!

Look at all the charities, nobel causes, benevolent funds,
humanitarianism, multi-culturism, never-ending laws,
Your heart protests
While your family lies in ruins before your very eyes
because of your neglect

The truths you revel in right now
Lock people in prisons of despair
It used to be "Thy Kingdom Come"
and now its "MY will be done"
What hope do you find there?

Your children,
Prodigals, prostitutes, homeless they've become
worshipping idols, images of men and starving for love

What will bring you to your knees once again?

brokeness ...humility
caused your forefathers to cry aloud
"WHO AM I????"
and looking to the WORD
The answer it rang clear
A son, a daughter, a child, a brother, a sister , a husband, a wife
a mother , a father,
A friend of God...how could you ever forget..the one who created you

And thankfulness is the key
that unlocks the human heart and soul
for God who loves and created you purposes to make you whole

So give thanks and surrender to a way that's higher than yours
It's the very freeing power that you have been searching for
God knows more than you will ever know

His truths will bring you back to life
and bring restoration for you to return
to truly standing on guard again!